People collecting various military items may be interested in a product such as cowboy weapon . This is a faithful replica of the revolvers used by characters from the Wild West.

In the collections of people interested in military, as well as those professionally or amateurs related to the uniformed services, there may appear cowboy weapon . This is an unusual product, made very carefully. When you familiarize yourself with the assortment of our online store, you can find a cowboy revolver Colt type with six rounds in a decorative box. This is a great replica of a firearm, known all over the world by the Spanish Denix manufacture. It is a family company famous for the production of great replicas of weapons, also appreciated by military experts.

Cowboy weapon – great replica

Steel Colt 45 civil version from 1873. Denix 1186G - replica
Steel Colt 45 civil version from 1873. Denix 1186G – replica

The attractively priced assortment of our online store includes cowboy revolver chrome version. This is the classic Colt caliber 45 civilian version from 1873. The handle of this magnificent revolver, made of the best quality, carefully selected wood, in a matte version, deserves special recognition. People looking for a long version of their firearms collections can take advantage of our offer. The engraved gold Winchester from 1873 available in it is a successful replica. It is a cowboy weapon originally used in the United States during the North-South war.

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The wonderful cowboy weapon is a replica made very carefully. It is distinguished by a faithful reproduction of all details, which increases its visual and functional values.