A faithful replica of Lee Enfield rifle will surely delight firearms enthusiasts and those who collect militaries from the turn of the 20th century. It is a product made from the best materials, which confirms its high quality.

An amazing replica of Lee Enfield rifle, available in our shop, can attract the attention of lovers of British repeating rifles, which were the basic equipment of British soldiers, serving in the army from 1895 to 1955. The replica of Lee Enfield firearm offered by us is a product of a well-known European brand Denix, specialising in the manufacture of exclusive militaria.

Lee Enfield – magnificent replica of a long barrel firearm

The eye-catching replica of the Lee Enfield firearm is made of a highly resistant zinc and aluminium alloy. It also features elements created from solid pine wood. All details of the product, which is the replica of Lee Enfield rifle, have been combined in such a way that they form a single, coherent whole.

What distinguishes the replica Lee Enfield firearm?

The luxury replica Lee Enfield firearm, which you can conveniently order through our online shop, has a four-barrel lock installed, the so-called slide-and-twist lock. It allows you to freely reload and fire four shots. The easy-to-unlock Lee Enfield rifle replica from our range, has the ability to fire the so-called dry shot.

The luxury Lee Enfield rifle replica is a product that will meet the expectations of military collectors. This product is distinguished by its faithful reproduction of all details.