The original Le Mat revolver is the basic armed equipment of the Cavalry involved in the war between the southern and northern United States. This is a replica made by the Spanish Denix manufacture.

The beautiful Le Mat revolver can be an exclusive addition to your firearms collection. It is a great product, dedicated to both military enthusiasts and people interested in modern history. Recommended by our shop online Le Mat revolver, was made according to historical records. It is a product created by one of the best manufactories in Europe, specializing in making replicas of firearms for the needs of film studios. The product we propose has the ability to fire the so-called dry shot. This is a luxury replica of a firearm constructed by the Parisian aristocrat Jean Francoise Le Mata.

Le Mat Revolver – replica of a weapon used by Cavalry

Rewolwer Le Mat - broń Kawalerii Południa DENIX 1070 - replika
Le Mat revolver – a weapon of the Southern Cavalry DENIX 1070 – replica

The exclusive Le Mat revolver is a replica of a firearm that bears the popular name of a carter pistol or a ten-shot gun. This is a unique revolver that differs from other firearms of this type in terms of the magazine design and the way it is loaded. This impressive replica of the Le Mat revolver from our online store will impress any collector who receives this item. The product we recommend is made of a matte silver zinc and aluminum alloy. It has light coloration in the recesses. The handle of the proposed replica firearm has been covered with a non-slip coating, which increases the comfort of using this product.

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A wonderful Le Mat revolver for the unique replica of firearms , used by the best shooters in the world. This product has a beautifully made handle and barrel.